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Ducted cooling systems are the ultimate way to manage comfort through your entire home. They’re specifically designed to complement your new or existing ducted gas heating system, to achieve a year-round comfort. Compact and economical to run, they can be installed at the same time as your heating system or added later.

Ducted cooling inverter systems provide cooling, dehumidification and heating while simultaneously filtering the air. Condition your whole home or zone to suit your lifestyle and minimize operating costs.

Our ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required. You can control multiple rooms or the entire house through the use of just one system. The system is exceptionally discreet, offering seamless integration into the aesthetics of your home. It can be operated from an easy to use LCD control. Ducted cooling systems are quiet and efficient, easy to maintain and offer perfect comfort throughout your entire home.


Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Units at Climatise

Just like ducted heating, ducted cooling comprises of a cooling unit connected to a series of outlets through a system of ducts. The outlets and ducts are strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling. The position of the heating unit depends on your house. Once installed, you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of touch-button climate control. Our advanced control technology brings you warm, evenly distributed air during winter and clean, cool air during summer.

With ducted cooling, every room in your home is the perfect temperature all summer long. With easy central temperature and zone control, you can cater to every family member needs. An even air distribution ensures that there are no hot or cold spots in your home.

Unlike many air conditioners, ducted cooling is the quietest of all options, meaning that you won’t be up all night in an effort to cool yourself down. And as if all that wasn’t good enough, it’s actually cheaper to install than a split system air conditioner.

If you think ducted cooling is the right fit, we can fit it into your home. Simply bring in your floor plans and we can design a system that suits your needs, ensuring an efficient and comforting cooling system for you and your family.

At Climatise, our experts will assess, and advise on your Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Service and Repairs. Let our fully qualified team help you.

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