Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

For those who want no fuss…

There’s a reason why most homes have at least one electric heater in them. They’re portable, flexible, strong, and reliable – it’s no wonder they’ve become a household essential. Whether you’re heating an entire living space or your bedroom on extra cold wintery nights, the diverse range of electric heaters at Climatise will do the job.

Electric heaters come in two basic types – those that are plugged in, and permanent heaters that are installed in your house. Consider whether you want to warm a specific room or have an extra portable heating source handy. They’re at their most efficient when they complement your central heating system, injecting an extra boost of warmth. They’re diverse and convenient enough to fix any problem.

Whilst it’s true that electric heat is more expensive than gas, installation of electric heaters are far less pricey. It’s important to remember that these are an added heat source, not the main source. When used correctly, they’re a safe and inexpensive way to say goodbye to the shivers and maximise your comfort.

There’s a large range of electric heaters to choose from:

  • Radiant heaters are personal heaters that radiate heat from a red-hot heating element. There are floor and wall-mounted models, and they’re relatively inexpensive.
  • Oil-filled column heaters don’t actually burn oil, but use electricity to heat the oil that’s sealed inside their columns, which is then transferred to the casing and is circulated through the fins into your home. As they’re one of the safest models, they’re especially useful in rooms where they’ll be switched on for a long period of time, such as overnight in a bedroom.
  • Convection and panel heaters draw cold air over an electric heating element. This warmed air then leaves the heater and rises towards the ceiling, whilst cool air moves in to replace it. As they have a fan, warm air distributes heat quickly and evenly. They’re best used in an area where there’s not much movement in the room, like a sitting room.
  • Finally, fan heaters are specifically designed to blow hot air. Their fans are usually more powerful and can project the hot air a distance into the room. They’re smaller and more portable than other electric heaters, and can heat a room evenly and quickly.

The range of electric heaters that we stock may be a little daunting, but luckily our friendly staff at Climatise are here to take the hard work out of your day. Electric Heaters Melbourne.


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