Piazzetta Pellet Heaters

Piazzetta has been producing wood heaters since the 1960s and pellet heaters since the 1990s.  All Piazzetta Pellet Heaters are designed and manufactured in their factory in Asolo, Italy. Encapsulating design, performance and comfort – pellet heaters are the intelligent heating solution for the discerning buyer.

Pellet heaters have the same ambience as a wood fire, yet the control of gas or electricity. Their high efficiency means that they only have to be topped up with pellets every couple of days and they produce far fewer emissions compared to traditional wood heaters. 

Piazzetta’s have been the leaders in pellet heating across Europe and America for many years. For the first time, Piazzetta pellet heaters are being offered in Australia through the Recycling Technologies Group. 

Benefits of Using a Piazzetta Pellet Heater:

  • Environmentally friendly – fueled by recycled wood waste that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.
  • Efficient- less emissions compared to traditional wood heaters.
  • No stoking required 
  • No wasted fuel – the auger ensures only the necessary amount of pellets are dispensed.
  • Fully Programmable – you decide what temperature, fan speed and timers you want.
  • Wood pellets are packaged in No snakes/spiders/termites or chopping wood convenient, sealed, 15Kg bags.
  • Some Ability to be ducted – Piazzettas have the ability to be ducted into other rooms of your house for holistic heating.
  • Long burn time – due to their high energy, wood pellets offer a longer burn time, meaning you have to refuel less often.
  • Convenient – Piazzettas are easy to start up, easy to clean and produce heat very quickly.


For a formal quote including installation, contact us on 1300 210 300 or info@climatise.com.au.

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