ActronAir 12.27kW ESP Plus Ducted Reverse Cycle


Price is for UNIT ONLY please enquire at or 1300 210 300 for an installation quote.

ESP stands for Energy Smart Performance and it’s how our ESP Plus ducted system keeps you superbly comfortable all year round without wasting energy. Our ESP Plus delivers comfort with such precision you’ll forget you even have air conditioning, and because of that precise control you can save some serious cash when the electricity bill arrives.

All of our Australian-made ducted units and their controls come covered by a single 5 year warranty.*

Technical Information


Rated Capacity (kW): 12.27

Rated Capacity Range (kW): 1.23-12.27

Input Power (kW): 3.68



Rated Capacity (kW): 12.16

Rated Capacity Range (kW): 2.31-12.16

Input Power (kW): 3.30


Indoor Unit Dimensions (DxHxW): 615 x 412 x 1090

Outdoor Unit Dimensions (DxHxW): 580 x 990 x 1320


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