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Bonaire Intergra II VSM65 – Evaporative Cooler

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Bonaire Intergra II VSM65 – Evaporative Cooler w/ Premium Navigator Controller

Bonaire Intergra II VSM65 has many features of the Bonaire Pinnacle, Utilising the same stylish cabinet design, 120mm Filtercool filter pads and advanced Bonaire Aerowing fan. The Integra ll also come with Bonaire PreCooland Pad Clean function.


Techdrive Motor Technology

The specifically developed motor is designed to run quietly. The motor windings are triple coated to ensure durability and longevity of the cooler operation.

Bonaire Aquamiser

This cleaver device is designed to manage the water quality in your cooler by minimising water usage whilst still ensuring that the system has the correct amount of water to guarantee efficient operation and limit potential damage from excessive calcium build up.

Bonaire Maxicooler

In today’s modern Australia our homes are becoming larger to accommodate bigger families. In past years, to cool larger homes with evaporative coolers often meant two units. Available on both Bonaire Pinnacle & Integra ll, the Bonaire Maxicooler extra air units have developed to cool much larger homes.

Enviroseal Duct Shutter

Available as standard on both Bonaire Pinncalce & Integra ll, during the months when your unit is not in use. Bonaire’s Enviroseals duct shutter keeps warm air in and draughts out. It’s fully automatic and fits into the duct of your evaporative cooling system.


Height Front(mm):  790

Height Back(mm): 681

Width(mm): 1192

Dry Weight(kg): 65

Motor Size(w):  950

Duct work connection size(mm):  550 x 550

Controller:  Hardwired Premium Navigator Controller

Colours: Charcoal, Terracotta, Green, Beige, Chocolate

Warranty: 5 Years parts and labour…. 7 year warranty available! Ask us how!


Charcoal, Terracotta, Green, Beige, Chocolate


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