Brivis Advance F46DS – Evaporative Cooler




Brivis Advance F46DS – Evaporative Cooler

The Brivis Advance F46DS has been developed with greater surface area to excel in large airflow requirements, Plus it is a stylish cooler for both new installations & replacement old style coolers.

With large airflow and cooling pads, The Brivis Advance uses an uniquely designed AutoRefresh water management system and has a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system. It has the Brivis FreshStart operation fitted as standard.

The Brivis Advance also has a variable speed fan allowing the cooler to run slowly when all you need is a gentle breeze to keep you cool.


. Auto Refresh Water Management System

. Pre-Wet Function

. WinterSeal

. Fresh Start operation

. SynchroDrive Water pump

The SynchroDrive pump sits in it’s own waterproof chamber and is designed to be self cleaning by spinning in the opposite direction to clear blockages, if they occur. It provides exceptional reliability in extreme conditions, meaning little maintenance and total peace of mind.

. Super quiet axial fan

. Fan Speed Sensing

. High efficiency cooling pads

Varying is szie and thickness of up to 130mm, these long lasting pads are used to maximise cooling efficiency.

. Ventilation only setting

. Australian Made

. Low operating costs


Height Front(mm):  682

Width(mm): 1100

Length(mm): 1100

Dry Weight(kg): 51

Motor Size(w):  750

Duct work connection size(mm):  550 x 550

Controller:  NC6-Networker Controller

Colours: Charcoal, Terracotta, Beige

Warranty: 5 Years parts and labour…. 7 year warranty available! Ask us how!


Charcoal, Terracotta, Beige


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