ESCEA DX1500 – Gas Fireplace


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DX Ducting Fan Unit (Compulsory on every DX fireplace) *

Model Number: ESCEA DX1500

The DX series effortlessly heats rooms throughout your home with clever ducting and smart technology and their great looks are simply stunning when double sided.

At 1.5 m wide this fireplace makes a dramatic statement, it’s effect grows exponentially when it’s double sided. It warms every corner of the room, and other rooms through ducting, all while keeping a consistent temperature. With or without a frame, the reflective side panels multiply the flames and create an infinite fire effect.

Heat Output: 10.4 kW
Energy Efficiency: 4.3 stars
Bevelled Lite Fascia: Titanium Silver or Volcanic Black
Frameless: 1560w x 360h
Viewable Glass: 1500a x 300b
Fuel Beds: Crystalight, Rocks & Coals or Woodland
Gas Type: Natural Gas / Propane
Energy Input: 25-42Mj/hr
Flue: Powered Direct Vent
Dimensions: 1830w x 750h x 380d
Zero Clearance: Yes

DX Series Features:

Our heat ducting system means that just one Escea fireplace can warm several rooms.
Ducts deliver warm air to every corner of the room with the fireplace and to other rooms through floor, ceiling or wall outlets. Set your desired temperature and our smart technology will keep it there.

Powered Direct Vent:

Our powered direct vent flue achieves greater efficiency and allows flues up to 12m in length which can be run horizontally or vertically. Flues can finish either on a roof or outside wall and can even be run under a floor. It uses outside air for combustion rather than room air and is a completely sealed system unaffected by other appliances such as extractor fans. With no fumes coming in and out no hot air going out, you can keep warm and healthier.


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