Euro Fireplaces – Brunner 101/45 BSK06 Tunnel


Designed and manufactured by Brunner in Bavaria the designer inbuilt refractory kit of the Brunner BSK system allows an uncomplicated, cost effective and safe installation.

The Brunner BSK is highly efficient with low emissions and will not only produce a beautiful picture of a perfectly clean burning flame, but also will cover most of the heating needs of an average sized house using highly effective natural convection, combined with heat storage.

Flue Kit

Weight 877 Kg
H/W/D 1899x1550x690
Output 14 Kw
Heating Capacity 280 m2
Efficiency AUS/EU 63%/80%
Flue Outlet / Length 8”-12” / 5m
External Air Supply 125mm
Fuel Consumption 4.3 kg/hr
Emissions 0.9


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