Euro Fireplaces – Buller Insert


Powerful yet very efficient Buller can be built into a ready made modular hot box available from Euro Fireplaces. The easy assembly can be done by you builder or installer, at 1340 mm height and 1080 mm wide the hot box can be extended to the ceiling and finished with paint, render or stone tiles. A brick installation is also possible. Buller Insert can also be installed into existing Brick Fireplaces. The Buller has a large landscape viewing window and its heavy steel construction enables excellent heat retention even without the aid of heatbank.


Heating Capacity: 280sqm

Efficiency: 73%

Emissions: 0.4g

Wood Usage: 2kg/hr

Weight: 75kg

Dimensions (HxWxD): 662 x 728 x 547 mm

Ember Retention: 6 hr



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