Euro Fireplaces – Cadiz Serpentino


Cadiz Serpentino combines an ultralow wood consumption with an efficient clean burn. The Soapstone has excellent heatbank quality and is the most efficient natural stone to absorb and hold heat for a long amount of time. Natural convection will move warmth efficiently throughout
your house, whilst radiant heat of the stone gives you extra warmth for many hours even when the fire has gone out, making the need to burn overnight in many cases unnecessary.

Flue Kit

Heating capacity 240sqm
Efficiency Aus 67% / Eu 82%
Emissions 0.8g
Wood usage 1.8kg/hr
Weight 242 kg
H/W/D 1481/575/494
Heat bank Optional 20kg
Soapstone heat bank Fitted 130kg
Ember retention with HB 8 hr+


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