Euro Fireplaces – Falun Ceramic Cream


Finished with heat absorbing tiles, the Falun Ceramic with the option of extra heat bank is one of Euro Fireplaces most popular heat bank heaters. With a single sliding lever controlling both primary and secondary air intakes, the heater is designed to provide instantheat with powerful natural convection. Prolonged burning is achieved with slightly larger well-seasoned logs, giving the heater just enough airflow Heat to burn long, clean and efficiently.

Flue Kit

Heating capacity 240sqm
Efficiency Aus 73% / Eu 82%
Emissions 1.3g
Wood usage 1.8kg/hr
Weight 136 kg
H/W/D 1034/628/386
Heat bank optional 10kg
Ember retention with HB 7 hr+
Ember retention without HB 6 hr+

Spec Sheet


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