Euro Fireplaces – Olbia


Olbia is designed to keep your house warm 24/7 whilst maintaining a clean burn even when shut down. Easy to operate with Haas & Sohn’s patented “Easy Control” operating system, the heater produces warm air almost immediately after lighting, and natural convection will distribute air quickly throughout your house. The optional magnesite heat bank is the latest in heat bank technology. The stones provide the longest in heat retention even after the fire has gone out making the need to burn overnight in many cases unnecessary, therefore saving even more on firewood.

Standard Flue Kit


Heating Capacity: 280sqm

Efficiency: 70%

Emissions: 1.5g

Wood Usage: 2kg/hr

Weight: 200kg

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1150 x 540 x 590

Heat Bank: Optional 52kg

Ember retention with HB: 9hr+

HB retention: 10hr+


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