Euro Fireplaces – Uppsala


The Uppsala is powerful yet frugal with a good size tough firebox, designed to keep you house warm 24/7 whilst maintaining a clean burn even when shut down. 200kg of natural Soapstone will maintain embers in the firebox for many hours, while radiant heat from the soapstone remains warm for a long period of time even after the fire has gone out. This makes the need to burn overnight in many cases unnecessary. Uppsala has one of Euro Fireplaces longer ember retention times.


Heating Capacity: 280sqm

Efficiency: 70%

Emissions: 1.5g

Wood Usage: 2kg/hr

Weight: 309kg

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1209 x 662 x 600

Soapstone Heat Bank: Fitted 200kg

Ember Retention: 9hr+

HB Retention: 10hr+


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