Fujitsu Designer Range 2.5kW Split System


Sleek and slimline design accompanied by efficient and intelligent features.

Capacity: 2.5kW (0.90-3.60)
Input Power: 0.51kW (0.25-1.14)
EER: 4.9kW
Star Rating (Hot/Average/Cold): 5/4/4

Capacity: 3.2kW (0.90-5.40)
Input Power: 0.67kW (0.25-1.60)
COP: 4.78kW
Star Rating (Hot/Average/Cold): 3.5/3/2.5

Indoor Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 282 x 870 x 185mm
Indoor Unit Weight: 9.5kg
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (HxWxD) 540 x 720 x 290mm
Outdoor Unit Weight: 34kg


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