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HAIER Tundra 7.1kw Hi-Wall Split System

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Model Number: AS71TB1HRA/1U71BA1ERA 7.1kw Hi-Wall Tundra Split System

Tundra Series Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioners provide sensitive temperature control, are quiet and operate efficiently with reduced temperature fluctuations and low running costs. They are Demand Response ready to work with your energy provider to automatically cap your energy consumption on extreme peak demand days.

The Tundra Series has 180 degree sine wave DC inverter control technology with a wide operating frequency. The intelligent Air feature allows the airflow to automatically go upward when cooling or downward when heating, to spread air comfortably throughout the room.


Cooling Capacity- 7 kw
Heating Capacity – 7.6 kw
Star Rating Cooling – 1.5stars
Star Rating Heating – 2 stars
Refrigerant Type: R410A
Refrigerant Base Charge: 1.9kg
Pipe Size: Liquid – 6.35mm
Suction – 12.7mm
Minimum Pipe Length: 3m
Maximum Pipe Length: 25m


Model: AS26TB1HRA
Net Dimensions (W/D/H): 1125 x 240 x 335
Package Dimensions (W/D/H): 1206 x 342 x 418
Net Weight: 14 kg
Gross Weight: 17.5 kg


Model: 1U26BA1ERA
Net Dimensions (W/D/H): 920 x 385 x 762
Package Dimensions (W/D/H): 1085 x 487 x 743
Net Weight: 51 kg
Gross Weight: 55 kg


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