Kalora 500i Inbuilt Wood Heater


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Kalora 500i Inbuilt Wood Heater

The Kalora 500i inbuilt wood heater has been specifically designed for easy installation into existing fireplaces overcoming the inefficiencies associated with traditional open fires such as excessive fuel burn, uncontrollable heat levels and energy that is lost straight out of the chimney.

Relax in the fan forced warmth of your home with the added convenience of overnight burning to eliminate those cold winter mornings.

The Kalora 500i and 600i provide a safe and clean environment for your family by minimizing the risk of rolling logs or flying embers associated with open fire.


– Heats up to 180 square meters
– Incredibly low emissions 2.0g/kg
– Usable firebox space 445 mm x 305 mm
– Three speed fan
– 5.5 mm heavy duty steel firebox
– 8 mm heavey duty steel baffle plate


– Full seam robotically welded and laser cut heavy duty steel construction ensures maximum firebox durability back by a 10 year warranty

– The efficiency of the Kalora convection range provides warmth all night through, effective overnight burning.

– High alumina, silica firebrick lined fireboxes operate at optimal efficiency and produce minimal environmental emissions.

– Ideal for use in your home, covered outdoor living space or man cave.

– Replacing the long life baffle is easier with Kalora’s user friendly design.

– Every Kalora wood heater has a built in air wash system that ensures the high quality Japanese fireproof glass is kept clean and soot free whilst the wood heater is in use.

– Manufactured in the USA “Stove Bright” high temperature paint is the standard finish on all Kalora wood heaters.


Size: 1005w x 718h x 470d
Weight: 116kg
Internal Firebox Size (mm): 445w x 305d


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