Kemlan Supa Nova Insert


The versatile Super Nova can be inbuilt into hebel or brick, or inserted into an existing fireplace.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, the Super Nova will be an attractive focal point in your home.

With a heating capacity of up to 220 square metres, it’s ideal for heating up large open plan areas. It can also be fitted with a three speed fan for increased heat circulation.

The Super Nova features a generous door opening to allow unobstructed viewing area for the fire. The deep firebox ensures that wood can be loaded easily for longer burn times.

Fascia & Trim Options

Flue Kit

4.5 metres long
Suits 2.4 metre ceiling (brickwork from floor to ceiling).


Features Include:
– Firebrick lined floor with baffle plate and 6mm steel backplate for a robust and durable firebox
– The large clean ceramic glass-viewing area features a preheated primary air wash system which ensures a clean view of the fire
– Proudly made in Australia with a 10-year warranty
– Standard Colour: Satin Black
– Standard 2-speed fan
– Long burn times
– High heat output 180-240m2


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