LOPI 564 Clean Face 25k GS2 – Gas Fireplace


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 Lopi 564CF GS2 – Clean Face


The design on the Lopi 564 GS2 allows you to add the beauty of fire with a large viewing area while giving you control over the heat.

The huge turn down rate makes the 564 GS2 fireplace i

deal for smaller enclosed rooms such as bedrooms and dens and for those not needing  large amount of heat, but still wanting to enojy a beautiful fire year round.

The Lopi 564 can have the GreenStart 2 installed which is a remarkable controller allowing you to run all features of the fireplace in smart thermostat mode.


Mj Input: 21.6Mj High
5.0Mj Low NG
4.5Mj Low LPG
Heating Capacity: Up to 90sqm (4.34kw)
Energy Star Rating: 1.0
Burner Type: Dual Burner
Green Smart 2
Media type: Standard Log Set
Remote: GS2 Standard Inclusion
Accent Lighting: Rear Lights Standard
Glass Size: 797 W x 460mm H
Min Framing Size: 972mm W 486mm D 934mm H
Installation Type: Zero Clearance, Masonry Installation, LPG Conversion Incl.



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