Mitsubishi AS Series 9.0kw Inverter Split System


Mitsubishi AS Series 9.0kw Inverter Split System

Model Number:  MSZAS90VGDKIT


DC Inverter – Energy Efficient Air Conditioner
24 Hour Timer
R32 Refrigerant
Quiet Operation
I-Save Mode
Wide Airflow
Long Airflow
Blue Fin Condenser
Wi-Fi Control
Demand Response Capability


Type: Inverter Heat Pump


Capacity: 9.0kw
Capacity (min-max): 2-10.30kw
Air Flow: 168.3-463.3 l/s
EER: 3.5/3.23
Star Rating: 3
Running Current: 12.0


Capacity: 10.30kw
Capacity (min-max): 2.20-11.50kw
Air Flow: 203.3-430.0 l/s
COP: 3.50/3.50
Star Rating: 2.5
Running Current: 12.60

Indoor Dimensions (HxWxD): 365 x 1170 x 295mm

Weight Indoor: 20kg

Outdoor Dimensions (HxWxD): 880 x 840 x 330mm

Weight Outdoor: 53kg


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