Mitsubishi EF Signature Series 5kw Split System – (Black/Silver/White)



Model Number: MSZEF50VE2WKIT Mitsubishi Signature Series 5kw Split System – Black/Silver/White

The MSZ-EF Series room air conditioner, meets the demands for improved energy efficency while fitting in elegantly with home interiors. The air conditioner has minimal shaping, with all waste carved away. It has a unique aerodynamic design that lets it dispense with the open front grill and create a more attractive appearance as it runs. At the same time, it provides excellent energy-saving performance from its thin profile. The product is available in white, black, or silver to match a wide array of interiors.


Type: Inverter Heat Pump


Capacity (Rated Conditions): 5.0kw
Capacity (Min – Max) 1.4 – 5.4kw
Air Flow (Quiet/Shi*): 97-183 l/s
AEER/EER (Rated Conditions): 3.20/3.21
Star Rating: 1.5
Running Current (Rated): 6.9


Capacity (Rated Conditions): 5.8kw
Capacity (Min – Max): 1.6-7.5kw
Air Flow (Quiet/Shi*): 107-220 l/s
ACOP/COP (Rated Conditions): 3.70/3.71
Star Rating: 2.5
Running Current (Rated): 7.0

Indoor Dimensions (HxWxD): 299 x 895 x 195mm
Weight Indoor:  11.5kg
Outdoor – Dimensions (HxWxD):  850 x 840 x 330mm
Weight – Outdoor: 54kg


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