Ortal Three Sided Clear 250 – Gas Fireplace

The Ortal Three Sided Clear 250 TS modern gas fireplace. Ortal’s modern, contemporary and traditional Balanced flue gas fireplaces to create a sophisticated ambience including multiple power flue options. They’re the perfect focal point, generating a warm cozy atmosphere while adding a striking architectural element to any space.

Featuring one of the largest selection of sleek and contemporary, modern fireplaces along with more traditional styles, you’ll be able to customize your Ortal gas fireplace to meet your specific size and design requirements. Our innovative product design allows you to install an Ortal fireplace in a variety of locations within your home or business.


VIEWING AREA: 2552mm wide x 400mm high
POWER FLUE: Up to 32 meters in length
STANDARD BURNER: Heat Output NG – 10.4 / LPG – 9.1, Efficiency NG – 82.5 / LPG – 72.5
INTERIORS: Standard matte black interior
CONTROLS: Remote, Smartphone (WiFi), Wall Switch


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