Panasonic Z Series 5.0kw Premium R/C Inverter Split System


PANASONIC Z SERIES 5.0kw Premium Reverse Cycle Split System

Model Numbers: 

Indoor Unit: CS-Z50XKRW
Outdoor Unit: CU-Z50XKR

The Benefits of NanoeX Technology

Inhibit Bacteria and Viruses

NanoeX inhibits the activity of airborne adhered bacteria and viruses such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Breakdown of Hazardous Substances

Nanoe X inhibits and breakdowns common hazardous and harmful substances at particle size as small as PM2.5

Inhibition of Mould Growth

Common airborne and adhered mould found inside living spaces are enveloped and inhibited by nanoe X

Inhibition of Pollen

Nanoe X is effective in inhibiting a variety of pollens released throughout the year.

Active Deodorisation

Nanoe X inhibits odours such as smoke, body odour, cooking and pet smells.

Inhibition of Major Allergens

Nanoe X inhibits allergens including pet dander, mite droppings and airborne mould.


  • Inverter Control
  • Eco Mode
  • iAuto-X
  • Mild Dry Cooling
  • Powerful Mode
  • Soft Dry Operation Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Personal Airflow Creation
  • Auto Changeover (inverter)
  • Hot Start Control
  • Nanoe X
  • Odour Removing Function
  • Removable, Washable Panel
  • 24hr Dual on and off real setting timer
  • Demand response enabling device
  • 3rd Party connectivity
  • LCD wireless remote control
  • Wired Remote Control (optional)
  • Wireless LAN remote control for internet connection (optional)
  • Blue fin condenser
  • Random Auto restart
  • Long Piping
  • Top panel maintenance access
  • Self-Diagnostic Function



Type: Inverter Heat Pump


Capacity: 5.0kw
Capacity (min-max): 1.15-6.10
Air Flow: 208 L/s
Dehumid: 2.8 L/h
Star Rating Hot Climate 3.5
Star Rating Average Climate 3.5
Star Rating Cold Climate 3.5


Capacity: 6.0kw
Capacity (min-max): 0.98-7.70kw
Air Flow: 228 L/s
Dehumid: 2.4 L/h
Star Rating Hot Climate 3.0
Star Rating Average Climate 2.5
Star Rating Cold Climate 2.0

Indoor Dimensions (HxWxD): 290 x 779 x 209mm
Weight Indoor: 8kg
Outdoor Dimensions (HxWxD): 619 x 824 x 299mm
Weight Outdoor: 35kg


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