Piazzetta IP 11 Insert Pellet Heater


This price is for the UNIT ONLY, if you would like a formal quote including installation, please contact us on 1300 210 300 or sales@climatise.com.au

An IP pellet-burning insert that allows you to turn your traditional open fireplace into a practical, closed one, ensuring all the pleasure of fire. Programmable automatic switching on/off characterises this pellet-burning insert: ideal also for first-time installations.

Fully programmable and optional SMS ensures you have control of your home heating. It even tells you when you need more pellets! Available in a range of great colours, that will suit any decor. Pellet heating is up to 4 times more efficient than traditional wood stoves and has significantly lower emission levels.

Flue Kit

Technical Specs: 

Rated thermal power (min – max) kW 4.6-11.0
Efficiency (min – max) % 87.3-87.7
Energy efficiency class A+
Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 185-315
Rated consumption (min – max) kg/h 1 – 2.6
Hopper capacity kg 22
Weight kg 170
Standard flue outlet Ø cm 8


Bianco, Grigio Cerato, Nero Opaco, Rosso Lava, Terra Cotta, Kaki


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