Piazzetta Trend P163T – Pellet Heater



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Piazetta P163T – Pellet Heater

This modern and stylish pellet heater is the perfect heating alternative for the modern home. With a Multifuoco System, ability to be ducted and dual fans this heater offers even heat distribution from floor to ceiling. Whilst the curved façade will make this pellet heater a feature in any room.

Thanks to the Natural Mode, you can turn off the forced air fan to switch to a natural convection operation, which is totally silent.

Available in two sleek modern colours, that will suit any décor.  Pellet heating is up to 70% more efficient than traditional wood stoves and has significantly lower emissions levels. It’s comfort with a conscience.



Room Heating Capacity: 185-315 m3

Firebox Heat Output: 12.3 kW

Nominal Heat Output: 3.5-11.0 kW

Electric Power Consumption: 150-430 w

Fan: 4 Speed Fan

Thermal Efficiency: 89.3%

Nominal Consumption: 0.8-2.4 kg/h

Hopper Capacity: 16 kg

Dimensions: 56 x 52 x 118 cm

Weight: 140 Kg

Colours Avaliable: Bianco Metallico, Nero Metallico

General Characteristics:

Cladding: Steel

Stove: Steel

Firebox: Cast Iron

Top: Steel & Majolica

Baffle Plate: Cast Iron

Door: Cast Iron

Standard Flue Outlet Position: Rear Left

Optional Flue Outlet Position: Left Side

Remote Control: Optional

Humidifier: Optional

Power Levels: 4

Programmable Timer-Thermostat: 6 Daily time slots

Air Glass Cleaning System: Yes

Ceramic Glass: Resistant to 750º


Bianco Metallico, Nero Metallico


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