Piazzetta Maya SC Triple Black Pellet Heater


There is an indicator mark to show low pellet supply and if you run out of pellets the system shuts down safely! Triple Black as the name suggests is a stylish black metal unit with will easily blend into any décor! Piazzetta Pellet heaters offer greater than 89% thermal efficiency, which is substantially more than wood fire alternatives. And it has significantly lower emissions. Its heating with a conscience!

Firebox heat output kW 8.2
Nominal heat output (min-max) kW 2.6 – 8.2 Room heating capacity (min-max) 3 140 – 235
Nominal thermal efficiency % 89.1%
Nominal consumption (min – max) 0.6 – 1.8
Electric power consumption (W) 39 – 320
Standard flue outlet ø cm 8
Hopper Capacity kg 16
Dimensions W x D x H cm 51 x 50 x 100
Stove weight kg 98
Heating Forced Air Ventilation

The mid-size Triple Black 8 pellet stove features perfect heat output for a the modern home plus all the benefits of an ecological and cost- effective fuel. The Triple Black 8 is easy to use, programmable, clean, safe and offer a long burn time. Pellets are discharged automatically from the hopper into the grate to feed the flame. On and off times can be programmed (with automatic ignition) as well as the required temperature. And all in total safety.


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