Piazzetta SY P958 D – Pellet Heater


Model Number: SY P958 D Majolica

With its simple cladding, geometric design and sliding top, the P958 D’s minimalistic style is harmonious with current trends.

Piazzetta pellet heaters are renowned for their technology core, solid structure and exclusive multifuoco system. Their self-regulating capacity, automatic ignition and easy programming, ensures functionality and ease of use.

We take care of every detail to ensure innovative solutions, elevated quality standards, assuring durability and long life.



  • Steel monobloc structure with door and brazier in cast-iron
  • Rolling top
  • Majolica cladding
  • Multifuoco system
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Programming
  • Front air vents adjustable standard
  • Flue outlet left rear
  • Energy saving
  • Eco function
  • Humidifier
  • Glass cleaning with air flow
  • Brazier cleaning intervals
  • Remote control with SMS,optional


Room Heating Capacity: 145-250 sqm
Firebox Heat Output: 9.6kW
Nominal Heat Output: 2.7-8.6 kW
Power Settings (Positions): 4
Thermal Efficiency: 89.3%
Nominal Consumption: 0.6-1.9 kg/h
Hopper Capacity: 16 kg
Dimensions: 49 x 48 x 101 cm



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