Piazzetta Trend P158T – Pellet Heater



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Piazetta P158T – Pellet Heater

Surrounded in both steel and majolica elements, the P158’s contemporary design will ensure this pellet heater fits perfectly in the modern home. Featuring a Multifuoco System and 4 adjustable power levels, you can now obtain uniform heat from floor to ceiling.

Thanks to the Natural Mode, you can turn off the forced air fan to switch to a natural convection operation, which is totally silent.

Available in two sleek modern colours, that will suit any décor.  Pellet heating is up to 70% more efficient than traditional wood stoves and has significantly lower emissions levels. It’s comfort with a conscience.



•Firebox heat output kW – 8kw
•Nominal heat output (min-max) kW – 2.7 -8.0
•Room heating capacity (min-max) 145-250
•Nominal thermal efficiency % 89.3
•Nominal consumption (min–max) 0.6-1.9
•Electric power consumption (W) 150-430
•Standard flue outlet 8cm
•Hopper Capacity 16kg
•Dimensions 54cm width x 52.5cm deep x 109cm high
•Stove weight 98 kg
•Heating – Multifuoco
•Fan Speed – 3 speed


•Baffle Plate
•Door Handle
•Standard Flue Outlet Position
•Optional Flue Outlet Position
•Dual Power
•Remote Control
•Digital Control Panel
•Power Levels
•Ceramic Glass
•Air Glass Cleaning System
•Pellet Level Sensor
•Ash Drawer
•Ecoand EnergyFunction
•Front Ventilation
•Ducted Ventilation







Bianco Metallico, Nero Metallico


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