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Shop Vac – Ash Vac

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Specially designed for fireplaces, wood/pellet stoves, coal stoves, BBQ grills and more.

The Shop-Vac Ash Vacuum is specially designed to remove cold ashes from fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves, coal stoves, BBQ grills and more. For dry pick up only. Do not vacuum ashes until they are completely cool.


– Cord Length: 6 Feet

– Powerful by-pass motor (to pick up your toughest messes)

– Hose Size: 1.5″ Diameter

– Warranty: 2 Years

– Tough Metal Tools

– HEPA Filter

– Stainless Steel Tank

– Lock-On® Hose

– Dry Pickup Only


– Watts Max : 850

– Water Pressure: 1320mm

– Airflow m3/min: 2.1

– Air Watts: 150

– Electrical Rating: 230-240v

Accessories & Filters

– 1.2m x 38mm Lock on hose

– Metal Intake Nozzle

– Metal Crevice Tool

– CleanStream HEPA Cartridge Filter


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