Gas Ducted Heating Service & Repairs in Melbourne

Winters can be lovely and cozy too! All you need is a functional and efficient heating system in your home and office space. We at Climatise, deliver just that and more!

Whether you want expert help in selection, or installation of a brand new gas ducted heater or want to hire a specialist for regular maintenance and repairs of the one that’s already installed, Climatise team is at your service!

One-stop solution for all your repairing and service needs – Climatise!

We are a team of hardworking and highly-skilled technicians who know how to handle the job – minor repairs, cleaning, installation, and replacements. We are doing it for more than a decade now! We only work with the premium brands, and the equipment that you may purchase from us will come with a full warranty.

Every heating system requires timely repairs and maintenance service so that the heating system can work at full throttle all year long. Did you know that a heater functions more efficiently when it is regularly serviced and upgraded? Like any other device, a heater requires professional and timely cleaning and inspection. A duct might get blocked, or a part might malfunction, our team of experienced staff are well aware of the common issues and look for the same whenever they visit a home or an office. Our service team is trained to handle any minor or major maintenance or repair issue that may crop up from time to time.

The world is moving towards lower carbon emissions systems, and so should you!

A gas ducted heating system is a brilliant way to ensure an increase in warmth and a decrease in energy bills. Did you know that a gas ducted heater results in lower emissions as compared to traditional heating sources? Regular maintenance is the key here. Or else there can be a chance of leakage of carbon monoxide, or any other breakdown, which can be potentially dangerous for you and your loved ones!

Energy-efficiency is the need of the hour. To assure that you need to be at the top of your game. Do not wait till the whole heating system collapses in the middle of the night to call for help! Get your gas ducted system in the best shape by getting it serviced at regular intervals, or as suggested by the manufacturer. Sometimes, a small fault can become a major defect, which only means that it was preventable!

Climatise are specialists in services, repairs, and installation of home and office gas and heating systems in Cranbourne, Melbourne. Get in touch with us to ensure that all your systems are working properly. With that, we guarantee you a good night’s sleep!

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