Allow us to give you a pre-summer head start with professional servicing so that by the time summer starts, your evaporative cooling system is good to go!

Every device works at its optimum strength with regular maintenance. Be it a minor electrical glitch, or water leakage, Climatise’s professionals handle it all well and offer quick, and pocket-friendly solutions.

Complete breakdown, or an old evaporative system not performing to its optimum, give your Climatise service provider in Cranbourne a quick call. Our qualified team will give an honest assessment and offer to repair or complete replacement solutions.


Air Flow repairs
Blockage in airflow can be caused by dust or debris. The blockage can be resolved quickly by an expert technician who will investigate the cause of blockage of exhaust ducts and find a solution.
Water leakage repairs
A swamp cooler can experience water leakage from time to time. Our service repairs will ensure that the cooler starts working in no time!
Odour issues
A strange odour is a common issue with the evaporative system caused by the presence of stagnant water or mildew. Our technicians will ensure thorough cleaning to resolve the odour.
Maintenance Repairs
Like any other system, an evaporative system requires timely maintenance. Lack of cool air, excessive water usage, or low airflow may be the alarm bells to call your Climatise guy!
Pad replacement
Sometimes the water pads stop working efficiently or may cause an odour. Our team will investigate the issue and get you a replacement in no time.
Electrical Repairs
A cooler might not even start due to an issue with the fuse or due to tripping of the circuit breaker. Climatise’s team of technicians are expert in performing top-quality electrical repairs.

Climatise Evaporative Cooling System Repairs

We pride ourselves in providing a customer-centric approach. We want a customer who always comes back to us. Our service providers investigate and work thoroughly on every minor issue that may come up in the cooling system. This ensures that our customer is saved from paying any huge bills if the whole system may break down in the middle of the night!

View the selection of evaporative cooling in Melbourne, which include brands such as:
- Braemar evaporative coolers
- Brivis evaporative coolers
- Bonaire evaporative coolers

Enjoy your summer with a functional and healthy cooling system. Call Climatise now for a thorough inspection and timely services anytime!


To arrange a Evaporative Cooling Service or Repair, send us a message

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