Evaporative Cooling Service & Repairs in Melbourne

Sweltering summer heat can get a bit tiresome in Melbourne. Allow us to give you a pre-summer head start with professional repairs and services so that by the time summer starts, your evaporative cooling system is good to go!

Our outstanding team of service providers and technicians are skilled to handle any job, be it cleaning of the equipment, minor repairs, or major replacements. Climatise technicians are the region’s experts in the repair and maintenance services. We not only cater to areas around Melbourne, but we also work in the surrounding suburbs of Frankston, Clyde, Seaford, and Narre Warren so that no family goes to sleep without a working and efficient cooling system.

Timely servicing and cleaning is the key to an effective evaporative system!

Like any other system, an evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler works to its full potential with timely servicing. We are helping our customers with cost effective solutions for 10+ years now. Whether your cooling system needs a little fixing or a major replacement, we use state-of-the-art equipment so that your system gets thorough cleaning and inspection.

Our special team of technicians are fully skilled and certified to perform their jobs with the utmost clarity and precision. There is no chance of going wrong once you’ve come to Climatise!

A healthy cooling system means a healthy home!

Evaporative coolers offer zero carbon emissions and lower down your energy bills considerably – a cost-effective option for any household in Melbourne. Also, air ventilation assures that you are inhaling healthy air when you switch it on! But, a swamp cooler can also be a breeding ground for mould and mosquitoes, if not cleaned regularly. Imagine the kind of air that will be blown in your house if the cooler isn’t cleaned regularly. it is especially important to call for technical assistance with cleaning and maintenance services, especially once you’re going to start it after a long gap (winters).

We pride ourselves in providing a customer-centric approach. We want a customer who always comes back to us. Our service providers investigate and work thoroughly on every minor issue that may come up in the cooling system. This ensures that our customer is saved from paying any huge bills if the whole system may break down in the middle of the night!

Enjoy your summer with a functional and healthy cooling system. Call Climatise now for a thorough inspection and timely services anytime!

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