Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning and Repairs in Melbourne

Do you want an “all-weather” solution for complete climate control in your home? Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is that one-time solution!

It’s a premium solution to cater to both your warming needs in cold winter and cooling needs in hot Melbourne summer. The system might sound complicated but is quite simple instead. A condenser unit is installed outside your house and it distributes air in each room via the multiple ducts, hence, the name ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Installation, repairs, and service, all at one place – Climatise!

Climatise is a premium service provider with a reach in and around Cranbourne, Melbourne. The certified and skilled technicians offer high-quality servicing and maintenance solutions to all your heating and cooling system needs. Call us just before the winter starts to make your cooling system functional and running with full steam. Call us just before the summer so that we can take care of your air conditioners just in time before the hot summer sets in Melbourne.

A premium heating and cooling solution :

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are much in vogue in Melbourne. The superior system is designed to create a comfortable temperature in your home and office all year round. In summer, the fan gathers heated air from the home or office space, which then blows over refrigerated gas which absorbs the heat. The cool air is sent back to the property through ducts. The hot air is pumped outside. In winter, the process is reversed as the heat from outside is extracted and used to warm up your living space. Hence, the name, reverse cycle air con.

Keep your living space clean with specialised duct cleaning services:

Duct cleaning is central to efficiency and clean working of your ducted reverse air con. The system works all year long, which means it needs regular and professional cleaning. At Climatise, we offer detailed cleaning of all the systems. Ducts do tend to get clogged due to dust and other airborne particles. So, professional cleaning is important for a healthy and safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Preventive servicing is our specialty. Call us at Climatise, home comfort solutions before the change of seasons, and get your cooling and heating systems serviced and cleaned well in time for smooth sailing all year long!

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