Preventive servicing is our specialty. Call us at Climatise, home comfort solutions before the change of seasons, and get your cooling and heating systems serviced and cleaned well in time for smooth sailing all year long.

Do not wait till the refrigerated cooling system collapses in the middle of the night to call for help! Get your system in the best shape by getting it repaired regularly.

Our accredited professionals are trained to deliver all possible solutions to a client. Depending upon your choice, you can opt for repairing or complete replacement of the cooling system in case of defects.


Duct Cleaning
Ducts tend to get clogged due to dust and other airborne particles. So, professional cleaning is important for a healthy and safe environment for your loved ones.
Condenser Coils Repairs
The coils can get frozen or dirty and malfunction. We will investigate thoroughly and get your system working in no time.
Fan Repairs
A fan can malfunction due to electrical issues or lack of lubrication. Our timely repairs and service assure quick resolution.
Maintenance Services
Get timely maintenance services so that your refrigerated system can work at full throttle during hot Melbourne summers.
Timely Servicing
We deliver our work with utmost sincerity and make sure that your devices are running with full potential so that they are energy-efficient.
Thermostat Servicing
We can fix any issue related to thermostats and recalibrate it to set the control system correctly.

Refrigerated Cooling Service Repairs

We are a team of hardworking and highly-skilled technicians who know how to handle the job - minor repairs, cleaning, installation, and replacements. We are doing it for more than a decade now! We only work with the premium brands, and the equipment that you may purchase from us will come with a full warranty. View the selection of ducted air conditioning in Melbourne, which include brands such as:

- Daikin air conditioners
- LG reverse cycle ducted air conditioners
- Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioning
- Actron Air ducted air conditioning
- Rinnai ducted reverse cycle systems
- Braemar ducted reverse cycle systems
- Bonaire ducted reverse cycle systems

Our outstanding team of service providers and technicians are skilled to handle any job, be it cleaning of the equipment, minor repairs, or major replacements. Climatise technicians are the region's experts in the repair and maintenance services. Climatise are specialists in services, repairs, and installation of home and office gas and heating systems in Cranbourne, Melbourne. Get in touch with us to ensure that all your systems are working properly. With that, we guarantee you a good night's sleep!


To arrange a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Service or Repair, send us a message

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