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Aussie summers are become sweltering and with more and more people investing in air conditioning units, not only are the power and running costs on the rise, there is also an obvious damage to the environment. However, with Bonaire evap coolers, you can make the wiser choice – rather than sucking in the air present inside the room and cooling that, evaporated cooling systems, take in air from the outside and bring that into your home. However, the water in the unit reduces the heat drastically and adds a certain amount of moisture to the air being blown in, without adding to the humidity – the perfect cooling solution!

Bonaire evap coolers to suit your spatial needs

At Climatise, you can choose from a variety of Bonaire evaporated coolers, based on your specific requirements. The advanced design and cabinet design will ensure that the unit functions well and looks good with the aesthetics of your home. The humidity control ensures that you are able to decide when you want the air pads moistened, the ioniser will cleanse your air and allow you to breathe and feel healthy. All the Bonaire evaporated coolers come equipped with a range of features, and you can choose the model that will meet your spatial cooling needs and your pocket too!