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Bonaire Gas Ducted Heaters

With your ultimate comfort being integrated into all of Bonaire’s designs and devices, they provide you with the peace of mind that can only come with feeling toasty in your space. Using advanced technologies, Bonaire’s range of ducted heaters are smart, economical and environmentally responsible, user friendly, and easy on the pocket to boot. They’ve got you covered across the board, with your state of ease at the heart of their devices, and with a 60 yer legacy behind them, it’s easy to see why they are some of Australia’s most trusted heating systems.

They boast great savings on your energy bill if you switch from a lower star-rated device to a 6-star unit, use up all the natural benefits of gas as a resource, and even have the advantage of up to 4 different navigator controls on some of their 4 to 6 star-rated products. This means you’ll never be wasting precious gas on a zone that isn’t occupied, and means that all your family members, coworkers, or friends will be comfortable being heated in the areas you need most. Whatever the space, whatever the need, a Bonaire gas ducted heater unit will absolutely get the job done.

Making the switch with us here at Climatise is easy, just shop in store or online to find a unit that suits you, call us on 1300 210 300, or email to find out more.

We’re positive we can find the right fit for you, and with the best prices on offer, you’re going to leave the store with the exact right unit for your home, business, or community space. We even offer all-inclusive installation and servicing options, so you don’t have to worry about lugging one of these heavy bits back home. Just speak to one of our friendly experts and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!