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Bonaire Portable Cooling

If you’re on the lookout for Bonaire Portable Coolers in Melbourne, then Climatise is definitely the place to check out.

We have the largest collection of Bonaire Portable Coolers in Melbourne at the most attractive rates. Our range of Bonaire Portable Coolers prices starts from $295 and goes all the way up to $610.

Bonaire’s portable evaporative cooler range starts with the Diet 12i, for $295, and a tank capacity of 12L. The Diet 12i is perfect for offices, shops, dining rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms up to 28m3*

On the other hand, the Diet 22i, which comes with a 22L capacity, can easily power a 42m3* room. While Diet 35i is the largest in the series with a whopping tank capacity of 35L that can cool a room as big as 50 m3*.

Bonaire’s portable evaporative air cooler, the WInter 56i is designed for cafes, open-plan homes, garages, and patios. The Winter 56i, with its massive 56L tank, can cool an area up to 130m3* without breaking a sweat. Although the Winter 56i has a bigger tank capacity, it is eco-friendly, affordable, and quiet; in fact, you won’t even notice the cooler operating.

Come experience the Climatise quality and service, in both our retail stores at Cranbourne and online.