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Bonaire Split System Units in Melbourne

If you’re on the lookout for Bonaire Split systems in Melbourne, then Climatise is the place to be.

We have the largest collection of Bonaire Split systems in Melbourne at the most attractive rates. Our range of Bonaire Split systems prices start from $ 900 with a 2.5 KW capacity and go all the way up to $ 2530 with a massive 8 KW capacity.

Bonaire’s most famous split system: the Optima inverter multi-split system comes with a design that prioritizes elegance with superior performance. The Bonaire Split Air Conditioner's Optima range comes with a sleek, contemporary look and a small size that easily matches the aesthetics of any home. The Bonaire Split Systems prices are very attractive and appeals to a wide user base.

High Performance with Bonaire Split System Air Conditioners

Bonaire lives up to its philosophy of providing customers with the best quality products and its Optima range of split systems and offers an industry-standard 7-year warranty. You can function up to five indoor heads with the Bonaire inverter multi-split system air conditioning. If you're looking for the best inverter multi-split system within a limited space, then Bonaire's Optima range is the one for you.

The Bonaire Split system’s air conditioning lets users regulate the temperature in each room separately and its user-friendly design is easy to program and simple to use and operates silently in the background while you go about your everyday business.

With the Optima range, Bonaire has made sure it is eco-friendly with the least possible effects on global warming. Another stand-out feature of this air conditioner is its voice operation, so after connecting it to the Smart Climate App, your Bonaire Optima multi-split inverter AC will work on command and even work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Come experience our split systems and Climatise's quality and service, in both our retail stores at Cranbourne and online.