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No matter which part of Australia you are in, if you are looking for an option that will cool your home, without burning a hole in your pocket, then you need to come to Climatise, where we will introduce you to the widest range of Bramear evaporated coolers. These cooling systems are a far better option than air conditioning, because rather than cooling the air within the room, it pulls in air from outside, uses water to remove the heat, thus offering you cool air inside the home. With just a series of ducts or outlets, our installation experts will be able to create a constant soothing breeze inside your home, without adding to the humidity. The devices all use minimal water and consume much lesser electricity, as compared to an air conditioning unit.

Cost-effective Braemar Evaporated Coolers

Bramear evap coolers come in a variety of capacities and depending on the size of the room or house that needs to be cooled, one can be chosen. The brand has been around for more than 6 decades, and they offer several cost effective evaporation cooling solutions. The units are also fitted with proper inlet and outlet valves, along with water quality monitors. These units are not just great for your home, but also for the environment!