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Braemar Ducted Gas Heaters

Here at Climatise, we know nothing warms your home and your family better than an ultra efficient, customisable, safe ducted heating system; exactly what Braemar offer with their wide range of small-to-large heaters. From compact units that can fit into tight knit apartments or units, through to more luxurious medium sized ones for the family home, all the way to large units – appropriately named the supernova – that could keep businesses or office spaces cosy during the winter months. 

Recent innovations in the space that Braemar has been a part of for fifty years now have transformed gas heaters from something prone to inefficiencies and accidents into the gold standard for heating. They are one of the most effective technologies we have at our disposal for getting through the tough Aussie cold, and Braemar, as propelled by their parent company Seeley International, leaders in the space, have found the answer we’ve been seeking!

Not only do they install seamlessly, and help heat your home at the flick of a switch (or even a remote for most of their models), but because of their innovative design and star-rated efficiency, they could end up saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. In fact, switching over from a 3-star rated ducted gas heater all the way up to a 7-star rated heater could end up saving you nearly $800 per year in running costs. What a wild saving that is!

They are 100% Australian designed, made, and owned, so not only do they offer value for money, but they help to power Australia’s homes and businesses on home soil. They are built for Australian climates and Australian people, so if you’re in the market for a new heating system, Braemar and Climatise are your solution! Get online today and shop through the entire range of Braemar devices, with Afterpay available for everything in store.

We can even get it installed for you! Shop online, call 1300 210 300 or email