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With the changing climate, the heat in the summers is often a lot more unbearable than it used to be. Aussie summers are now being recognised as scorching hot, and even when you are at home, relief seems afar! However, with Brivis evaporated cooler systems, staying cool is so much easier! Unlike an air conditioning unit, these evaporated cooling system work on water evaporation.The water absorbs the majority of heat, converting normal air into much cooler air, when it is pushed out. Through a series of ducts or outlets, our installation experts will ensure that your entire house or indoor space is cooled, without causing you any disturbance.

Facing the heat with Brivis evap coolers

When you live in Australia, you might come face to face more with dry heat, and for dry heat, rather than the frigid cooling of an air conditioner, it is the moisture of evaporative cooling that works better. At Climatise, you will be able to find a wide range of Brivis evaporated coolers and you can choose one based on the area or space you want cooled. There is a wide range of models to choose from, and in case you are not sure which model will work best for you, feel free to talk to our experts. Low on noise, low on electricity consumption and low on environmental damage, Brivis evap coolers are the perfect choice for the discerning clients!