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Brivis Gas Ducted Heaters

Brivis ducted heater by Rinnai, like Braemar models, have been some of the best in their class in recent years. With a huge reputation for designing and building efficient, unique, and powerful systems over the last half-century, they are some of the best ways to keep you, your family, your clients, your coworkers and your community cosy and comfortable. 

These units provide the ultimate experience in heating, whether it's for a new home, office building, family bungalow; wherever! Because of the way that the ducts in a ducted heating system connect to your space, Brivis products are incredibly efficient and easy to operate. They are even able to be programmed to only provide heating in one area or room, meaning that you’ll never be burning through energy without it being used properly. They offer whole heating to whichever space or place you want to install it. They’re robust, fast to heat up and fast to power down, and controllable to suit any preference. You really can’t go wrong with these ones!

All Brivis ducted heater units are manufactured in Braeside, Victoria, alongside a local workforce that knows how important it is to keep snug during the colder months, or during one of Australia’s quintessential cold snaps. Similarly, due to the efficiencies of these units, switching from a low star-rating device to a 6-star rating can bring savings of close to $600, while using the natural, climate-smart benefits to natural gas. It’s a win-win-win really!

If you’re looking to change to a more efficient unit, or are searching for the answer to your cold weather questions, Brivis by Rinnai is the solution for you. We stock a huge range of over 50 different products, meaning that there will undoubtedly be the right ducted heater for you.

Jump online to browse our selections, call 1300 210 300 or email to make an inquiry. We offer the best prices, Afterpay as a payment method, and even end-to-end installation and servicing options.