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Be it an indoor or outdoor setting, this versatile fireplace will add the perfect rustic aesthetic to your modern living space. The Escea Gas Fireplace can be installed anywhere and is one of the most popular gas fireplace brands in Melbourne. You can find many ways to stylize these fireplaces, under your smart TV in an indoor setting, next to your outdoor grill setup, and much more. All Escea Gas Fireplaces are built keeping in mind the modern designs of today’s homes, so they are not only beautiful but also efficient. You also get total control over the design and can have the flues go in any direction of your choice.

Escea Gas Fireplaces add warmth to every home

If you had been searching for a smart fireplace, then you have found the perfect one. This is one of the best designs available in the market, and at a great price point as well. So, sit back and relax with the beauty of wooden fire but not without any of the hassles! Escea Gas Fireplaces in Melbourne are a great addition to your home both in terms of style statement and functionality.