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What is evaporative cooling?

As the term describes, evaporative cooling works on the concept of evaporation – when water evaporates, it is able to remove the heat from the ambient air, dispelling air that is a lot cooler. And unlike an air conditioning unit, it is not the inside air that is being cooled. its air from outside that is taken into the unit, cooled down by the process of evaporation and then pushed into the room. So, unlike with an air conditioning unit, you will not have to close all doors and windows to cool a room. Rather, you can use an evap cooler unit to cool an open space as well!

How do evaporative coolers work?

An air conditioning unit sucks in the air that is present in a room, runs it through a fan coil cooling the air and then streams it into the room. In order to maintain the cooling in the room, not only will you have to wait for a while, but you will also have to keep all the doors and windows closed. However, with evap coolers, things work a little differently – the surrounding air is drawn in, irrespective of whether it is hot or warm, and when the air is filtered via quilts or wet pads, the resultant evaporation makes the air cooler, while also increasing the moisture content. This also means that you can use evaporative cooling devices in open or semi open spaces.

What are the running costs related to evaporative coolers?

To run an evaporative cooling system, all you need is electricity and water. In comparison to an air conditioning unit, an evap cooling system will work out much more cost effective, will cool your house with natural air and add moisture during dry heat, without adding to the humidity.

Why choose an evaporative cooling system, as opposed to air conditioning?

For starters, an evaporative cooling system (see Braemar Evap Coolers, Brivis evap coolers, and Bonaire evap cooling) creates an optimal indoor environment that is healthier in comparison to air conditioning. Rather than recirculating the air that is already inside the room, an evaporative cooling system brings in air from the outdoors, cleans and cools it and then releases that into the room. Air conditioners release hot air into the environment, leading to global warming, while evaporative cooling systems draw in the hot air and cool it down. Similarly, in order to run an evaporative cooling system, all you need is water and electricity and the charges for both will be extremely low, especially when compared to an air conditioning unit.


Climatise stock Bonaire, Brivis and Braemar products who are all leaders in Evaporative Cooling technology.
Fan and motor technology have come a long way in Evaporative Coolers which make the systems run a lot quieter. Our installers also locate the unit in an area that will minimise any noise in your home.
Yes, evaporative coolers mostly use external air to cool your home and because of that the motor and the fan do not have to work as hard as other systems to achieve cooling for your home.