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Gas Fireplaces - An Innovative Alternative

Want a nice cosy fireplace at your but want to completely remove wood and smoke from the picture? What your sweet home needs are perfect in-house built-in gas log fires that are not only safe but perfect for smaller spaces. It also contributes to the aesthetic of your home décor. If you are looking for one in Melbourne, we are here to guide you.

Convenience Of Gas Log Fireplaces

Our range of gas fires offers everything you love about an open fire, but without all the hassle of chopping wood and cleaning up the ash.
  • Quick & convenient: just flick a switch and the electronic ignition will have real flames dancing behind the glass window.
  • The perfect blend of coziness, atmosphere, beauty and convenient functionality
  • Excellent flexibility with timers and full thermostatic control.
  • Maximise your energy efficient by accurately controlling your heat levels
  • Versatility: vented gas logs can be installed in almost any fireplace that’s capable of burning wood. They can also be installed in outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
If you wish to switch to other gas ignited appliances or gas inserts, we have a variety of products that will make a perfect fit for your Melbourne home, irrespective of the space. 
  • Freestanding gas fireplace
  • Gas log heaters
  • Outdoor gas fireplace
All these heating appliances are well available in Cranbourne, Melbourne too. If you want the atmosphere of a real log fire, but with the benefits and efficiency of gas heating, we’re sure you’ll warm to our excellent range of gas fires.


A gas log fire can heat entire homes or areas but it is all dependant on the size of the area and of course the unit. Come in and talk to us at Climatise and we can find a solution to suite your needs.
Yes, depending on the model, some you can place not too far at all above your gas fire, some you may require a recess and others perhaps a mantle, but we can find one to accommodate the look and feel you’re looking for.
Depending on the gas fire you choose, each system will have a different set of requirements for installations such as framing dimensions, clearances and non-combustibles. Utilise the expertise of Climatise to guide you through and we can even install the product for you.