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Horizon’s indoor fireplaces easily stand apart from the rest in the market due to their unique floating burner feature. With powerful performance and great aesthetics, this premium range of fireplaces will serve as the perfect centrepiece for your lavish interior setting. Customers can opt for a full-sized Horizon Gas Fireplace, or they can choose the slimmer ‘Lowline’ model which is perfect for placing underneath a TV or any other furniture. The outdoor fireplaces from Horizon are equally stunning and create the aura of true wooden fire. But, if you are someone who is looking for the ultimate gas fireplace experience, the 3 sided model from Horizon is exactly what you need. It wraps around any corner of your home and serves the actual look of a 3-dimensional fireplace.

Choose the premium look, choose Horizon Gas Fireplaces

Horizon gas fireplaces in Melbourne are becoming wildly popular for their premium look and feel. And the best part is that they have plenty of models to choose from, so you don’t necessarily have to plan your living room around the fireplace's shape and size. Simply choose one that fits your aesthetic, and enjoy the premium life.