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Lopi presents a wide range of modular gas fireplaces that are the perfect addition to your modern home setting. With its top-tier construction and design, you truly get your value for money, and enough warmth to heat up your entire living room. You can also use it as an outdoor fireplace since the heating mechanism helps radiate heat for up to 100 square km. All of them are fitted with the latest ‘Balanced Flue’ and ‘Direct Vent’ mechanisms, and they are also provided in a freestanding form which makes them ideal for quick installation.

Lopi Gas Fireplaces provides a wide range to choose from

From different shapes to looks, there’s a Lopi Gas Fireplace for every home. Whether you are looking for an indoor setting gas fireplace or an outdoor model, you will have plenty of options to choose from. The smart architecture on the Lopi Gas Fireplace not only allows you to install it anywhere, but you will also be able to install any other electronic gadget (such as a TV) very close to the fireplace. Lopi Gas Fireplaces in Melbourne are fast becoming the go-to option for most customers and this will be a buy that you will not regret.