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Portable air conditioners work in a similar way as built-in air conditions: they suck in warm and humid air, cool and dehumidify it, then blow it back into the room.

Single duct models use a duct to connect to a window which vents heat from the room, whilst cool air fills the room. They’re extremely effective at cooling rooms, acting as the ultimate saviour during hot, Australian summers.

They’re relatively fuss-free cooling devices, giving you what you need in a quick and succinct manner. All you need is a powerpoint to plug your air conditioner into, a window to let the hot air escape through, and you’re good to go! Many of our products are remote control operated, have multiple temperature alteration devices, and have timers which are especially useful for those who are prone to forgetfulness.

But let’s just get this straight. Just because something is labelled ‘portable’, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to lug around. Whilst our portable air conditioners can be placed in any room, you wouldn’t want to take them from room to room unless you’re after a serious workout.

Portable air conditioners are a great option for those who are after a temporary cooling option as they are energy efficient and require no installation. So if you’re renting your home and aren’t regulated to install an entire air conditioning unit, they’re a good alternative.

Before choosing a cooling solution for your home, have a chat to the friendly team here at Climatise and we can recommend a portable air conditioner that suits the size of your home and your families needs.