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Portable Coolers in Melbourne

As portable cooling systems require little to no installation, they make a great and easy option for those who need a quick solution to heat problems and given that we’re in Australia, that’s an everyday issue!

They’re also extremely effective when used in conjunction with an inbuilt cooling system in the home. And to top it off, as you tend to only cool the places you spend the most time in, they are incredibly economically efficient as you aren’t pouring money into cooling rooms that you don’t use. The two most popular appliances that we stock at Climatise are portable air conditioners and fans. Both prevent you from sitting in a puddle of perspiration over summer, but through different ways.

Portable fans are an essential in any home, offering quick relief from the harsh Australian sun. When used efficiently, fans are a useful accessory for any family, providing an easy way to keep cool on the warmer days. There’s minimal fuss, virtually no installation needed, and they do the job. It’s no wonder you can find one in every home.

On the other hand, portable coolers are a more complex cooling system. They’re really great options for those who are renters, cooling several rooms with the same ability as an in-built air conditioner - they just don’t require the same installation process! All you need is a power point, a window vent, and you’re good to go. With Climatise’s extensive range of portable cooling devices, you won’t have to sweat about a thing.

We have the largest collection of portable air conditioning in Melbourne at the most attractive rates. Our range of Portable Coolers prices starts from $295 and goes all the way up to $980.

Being one of the most reputed names in evaporative cooling, our providers offer a wide array of products suitable for every Australian home, along with unparalleled quality and service.

Bonaire’s huge brand awareness, easy integration and simple user interface make them one of the most sought-after portable air conditioners. It’s even more impressive that they do all of this while implementing the latest technology to ensure that their products are eco-friendly and economical.

Our range of Bonaire’s portable evaporative cooler consists of:
  • Diet 12i, for $295, with a tank capacity of 12
  • Diet 22i, for $340, with a tank capacity of 22L
  • Diet 35i, for $485, with a tank capacity of 25L
  • Winter 56i, for $610, with a tank capacity of56L tank
We also have portable air conditioners from Rinnai, who have carved a name for themselves with their futuristic innovations and impeccable built quality.

Rinnai’s portable air conditioning has many awesome features like a simple water warning system, a removable filter, and an integrated timer.

The portable ACs from Rinnai provide you with the utmost comfort while maximizing energy savings with features like an intelligent sleep mode, adjustable temperature control, and convenient remote-enabled climate management.

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