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Rinnai offers a smart, contemporary range of fireplaces for the modern home. Fitted with plenty of features and ensuring hassle-free installation and usage, Rinnai Gas Fireplaces in Melbourne are an option you can always trust. What’s even better is that these fireplaces can be used to replace an old fireplace model or any indoor heater. Customers can choose between the free-standing models, which can be installed with absolute ease, or the built-in models, which will serve as a part of your home and barely take up any space.

Rinnai Gas Fireplaces provides efficiency with aesthetic

Whether you are looking for a small gas fire with quality heating or a wraparound with a realistic wooden texture, Rinnai will have just the perfect model for you. Add to it their unique features such as the self-burning log, double-sided visuals, frameless designs, and much more; and you have yourself one of the best-looking gas fireplaces in the market with more than enough heating capacity. If you are thinking about upgrading your heating system, a Rinnai Gas Fireplace will be the perfect addition to your home!