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Rinnai Portable Air Conditioning

If you’re on the lookout for a Rinnai Portable air conditioner in Melbourne, then Climatise is definitely the place to check out.

Rinnai is a company that aims to create a pleasant lifestyle for its customers. They’ve always prioritised providing comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Being eco-conscious, Rinnai strives to minimise the environmental effect, while promoting healthy and pleasant living.

We have the largest collection of Rinnai Portable air conditioners in Melbourne at the most attractive rates. Our range of Rinnai Portable air cons prices starts from $860 for the 3.5 KW portable AC and goes all the way up to $980 for the 4 KW portable AC.

Rinnai's Mobile Air Conditioner comes with a built-in timer, a replaceable filter, and a convenient water alarm system. Rinnai Portable ACs evaporate the condensate via the exhaust duct, so you don't have to empty it. With an Intelligent sleep mode, adjustable temperature control, and handy remote-enabled climate control, Rinnai’s portable ACs give you the ultimate comfort, while ensuring maximum energy savings.

Come experience the Climatise quality and service, in both our retail stores at Cranbourne and online.