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Split System Units at Climatise

A split air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of the room that you wish to cool. This unit houses the compressor, condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tubing. The sleek-looking indoor unit contains the cooling coil, a long blower and an air filter.

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of split systems

A split air conditioner is an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home. Summer is coming (and it can be just as devastating as winter)! In the age of global warming there cannot be a better investment than a nature friendly, mild on power consumption and strong in climate control, split system air conditioning for your Melbourne or Cranbourne home or office.

Selection of split system units in Melbourne

With the latest in cooling technology in your split system unit you have nothing to fret. We offer the best of the best. A wide range of split systems from the best manufacturers in the world: Mitsubishi Split Systems, Rinnai Split Systems, Braemar Split Systems, Daikin Split Systemsand Lennox Split Systems, Panasonic Split Systems, Fujitsu Split Systems, LG split systems, Bonaire split systems.

From the economy 2.5 KW split system suitable for smaller rooms to the powerful 8.5 KW giant of an air conditioner suitable for vast open-spaced areas. Featuring all of the latest innovations in the industry: WiFi control, 25 hour delay timers, 3D airflow, sleep mode, and LCD remote. No more will your split system unit be like the fly on the wall. The sleek and stylish interior bodies of all our split systems come in an array of colors to match your interior decoration and design. The split air conditioner systems have the elegant feel of art wall pieces.

Choose from a wide selection of split systems in Melbourne

Choose from a massive selection of split systems which offer maximum conditioning at reasonable electric consumption and featuring great energy saving options. Our featured products consume 9% less energy and at the same time provide 9% more climate control. The inverters will enable your cooler to immediately convert to heating mode in the fall or winter. Your home or office will be ideally conditioned all year around. At Climatise, our experts will assess, and advise on your Split System Service and Repairs. Let our fully qualified team help you.


There are many brands that now offer quiet solutions with high efficiency operation. With leading split system brands like Mitsubishi split systems, Fujitsu split systems, Daikin split systems, LG split systems, Rinnai split systems, Lennox split systems, Braemar split systems, Bonaire split systems and Panasonic split systems in store, Climatise can provide you with expert advice to guide you through.
A simple way to calculate this is to multiply the length x width of your room which will give you the m2 measurement of your room. Assuming you have standard ceiling heights, then divide that number by 9. That number then suggests the amount of kw (size of unit) you will approximately need for a split system to effectively work in your room.
WiFi allows you to login from a remote location and turn your Air Conditioning on or off. The benefit of this, is that you can turn your split system on before you arrive home allowing you to walk in to comfort.