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Braemar Split System Units in Melbourne

If you’re on the lookout for the Braemar Split Systems in Melbourne, then Climatise is the place to be.

We have the largest collection of Braemar Split Systems in Melbourne at the most attractive rates. Our range of Braemar Split Systems prices starts from $ 910 for the 2.5 BRAEMAR INFINITI-AIRE RANGE 2.5KW SPLIT SYSTEM and goes all the way up to $2349 for the BRAEMAR INFINITI-AIRE RANGE 9.0 KW SPLIT SYSTEM.

High Performing Braemar Split System Air Conditioning

With high performance and energy efficiency, Braemar split system air conditioning is one that will not let you down. Braemar's split system air conditioning product lines feature stylish and contemporary styling. The interior also fits a multi-split air conditioning unit, providing a uniform look throughout the house or business. With the Braemar split system’s attractive pricing, users have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Reduce energy expenditures by using separate temperature settings in each area to heat or cool as needed. When compared to traditional air conditioning machines, high energy efficiency brought about by built-in DC inverter technology also leads to considerable cost reductions. The DRED and DC inverter technology makes Braemar an excellent energy-efficient option.

The air conditioner's frequency, current and voltage are electrically controlled by an inverter and a power conversion circuit. The compressor fans are also influenced by this circuit, giving maximum efficiency. This model's cooling and heating capacity, electricity use, noise generation, and location-based energy efficiency are just a few of the additional details that the new ZERL label offers customers.

Come experience selection of split systems, and Climatise's quality and service, in both our retail stores at Cranbourne and online.